Welcome to Merri downs White Dorpers

The Dorper is a fast growing meat producing sheep that is particularly known for its ability to adapt and survive in a variety of climatic and grazing conditions.

The Dorper was originally bred from the more arid regions of South Africa in the 1930’s. Initially imported into Australia in the mid 1990’s, its suitability to most climate conditions has seen the Dorper develop into one of the largest meat sheep breeds in Australia today.

Characteristics of the Dorper include:

  • Adaptability and hardiness for a variety of climatic and grazing conditions
  • High fertility and reproduction rates
  • High growth rates with the ability to achieve maximum growth from little feed
  • Good muscling and low fat scores 
  • Thick quality skin for protection in harsh climate conditions
  • Shedding of wool and hair according to seasonal conditions
  • Excellent mothering qualities and milk production
  • Low maintenance – no shearing, no crutching, no museling, flystrike resistant

The only difference between the Dorper and White Dorper is in the colouring of the head. The Dorper has short dullish-black hair, whilst White Dorpers have dull white coloured hair. Despite this difference, the term “Dorper” is often used to describe both breed types.

Merri Downs, situated just out of Geelong on the west coast of Victoria, is a member of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia (Inc) and Registered Stud WD542. Merri Downs breeds high quality full shedding, low maintenance White Dorpers for stud, commercial and hobby farms. Merri Downs White Dorpers are bred for temperament, vigour, frame and low fat. Whether you need bloodline, commercial rams for your flock or just a few low maintenance lawn mowers, we can help you out.